Professional Rack Inspection

Our Process

One of our highly trained professionals will visit your facility to do an Annual Rack Inspection. First, they will review your current documentation i.e. Warehouse Drawing with Racking, PSR - Capacity Report to make sure you are compliant with CSA Standards. Photographs are taken along with field notes and uploaded into a report that outlines the damage, type of repair necessary and location of the damage. Each item is logged with a barcode (shown below on left) so the entire process can be followed and linked to the ensuing repair. This barcode will be shown in both the inspection report as well as the repair report. We will keep your report(s) on our server so you can always access them if you have lost your copy.

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Our rack inspections are ideal for both single site visits and for enterprises (multiple locations). The benefit to having us come in and inspect all your facilities is that you will have a uniform standard for damage assessment. Our professional reports (on the right) are certified by an engineer and the data allows you to gather statistics for all your facilities across the nation.