Warehouse Safety Labels

Warehouses should be well labeled with all types of safety precautions. Things such as capacity labels for all beams, unsafe/unusable rack signs in order to prevent accidents from happening in your warehouse.

Capacity Labels


We will custom make Capacity Labels for you so all workers in the warehouse are aware of how much weight can go on each beam level. These capacities are calculated in the PSR. The great advantage provided by these labels, is that a visual inspection of the rack allows a health & safety representative the opportunity to verify the bay has a "safe & approved" configuration.  If the bay doesn't match the label, chances are someone made an unauthorized beam adjustment.

Unsafe/Unload Labels



When it comes to doing rack inspections, or just everyday safety reports, sometimes there will be some rack that is just not very safe to be carrying a load. We offer Unsafe/Unload labels that you can stick on this section to warn workers not to load anything in this empty pallet position. They come with a magnetic back so it is easy to re-use again and again should you have multiple unsafe conditions throughout the years. Signs in the warehouse are the best way to communicate with employees about unsafe conditions.

Inspection Barcodes


Whether it is an in-house inspection, or our Professional Rack Inspection, we will always provide barcode stickers so we can properly document and identify each item. When our inspectors go out in to your warehouse they will mark each damaged item with one of these stickers to help create an accurate report as well as to locate the damaged items easier when it comes time to repairs.

Certified Repair Barcodes


The only way the repairs will be certified by our team of engineers is if there is another barcode sticker replacing the inspection sticker to now identify the actual repair. This helps create accurate reports as well as if one of our certified engineers does not approve a repair, then it is very easy to find that repair and fix the issue to the engineer's liking. The barcode is easily scanned for implementing into various applications should you need to scan it.