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101 Holiday Inn Drive

PO Box 29042

Cambridge, Ontario

N3C 0E6

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Phone: (888) 574-5515

Fax: 1-888-379-4439

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Our Team

Ron McKelvey

Sales Manager

Ron has developed a very impressive professional career dealing with entire sales processes as well as senior management responsibilities. As a skilled communicator and negotiator he has become very successful and knowledgeable in the Logistics Industry among other industries as well.


He has advanced technical skills and business management and is a highly experienced expert in sales. Ron is a driven, ambitious and methodical sales professional who successfully achieves and exceeds revenue growth and profit margin expectations time and time again.


Let Ron do what he does best and provide the correct solutions for your company. To organize a site visit or just ask a question, please contact Ron:

888-574-5515 x 201